Why not put a spin on your party?!

Anyone can just have a party; a themed event however is a different story. Everything from the decorations right down to the actual outfits need to match the theme so that the event is a success. These parties are a trend that never seems to die. This may be due to the fact that they are more entertaining because everyone looks different and there is an interest in what others are wearing. White Tent Events can transform an average marquee into a frosty winter igloo, or a chilled Caribbean restaurant or whatever else floats you’re theme boat. Through changing the details of the interior, we will create a perfect atmosphere for the theme you have chosen. Themes often incorporate costumes from popular movies, movie characters or celebrities. Dresses add a little spin to the event and make your party stand out. Themes add a specific vibe to your event and mean that your guests will have to engage which will make them feel more included and therefore they are likely to be happier and have a better time. If you need some inspiration for your party have a look at these trending themes.   

The recipe for a themed party!

White Tent Events has experience with providing services for themed parties so we know and take the event to the next level, we will work with you to decide which details work best for your dream event. We can supply the marquee and help you decide on the interior in a way to not only match the theme but a way to make it a party that all your guests will remember! From small decorations such as lighting to main furniture such as chairs and tables, we pay attention to every last detail.


If you were considering having a themed party, contact us now for any information.