The Wedding Experts

Our experienced team has worked on countless weddings and has built up crucial experience in organising grand events for engaged couples looking to seal the deal. We know what makes a good wedding and can ensure that your event will be amazing with our help. White Tent Events offers a kind and caring approach where your ideas and requirements are a priority so that the end product reflects the demands you have.

Why not put a spin on your party?!

Anyone can just have a party; a themed event however is a different story. Everything from the decorations right down to the actual outfits need to match the theme so that the event is a success. These parties are a trend that never seems to die. This may be due to the fact that they are more entertaining because everyone looks different and there is an interest in what others are wearing. White Tent Events can transform an average marquee into a frosty winter igloo, or a chilled Caribbean restaurant or whatever else floats you’re theme boat.

White Tent Events marquees are a real summer nights dream

Summer puts everybody in the mood for a party, the days are longer, and wildlife flourishes. Summer is the perfect time for a party. White Tent Events can make your summer event special by providing you with the perfect marquee for a good time. Every good party needs a balance between indoors and outdoors, our marquees can provide shelter to act as an indoor section, Mother Nature in a summer mood is sure to take care of the outdoors.

Start planning your Stunning Spring Wedding in a wonderful marquee

The fun and welcoming team at White Tent Events are always keeping up to date with the latest wedding trends and some truly magnificent ideas are set to become very popular throughout 2017! 


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